John Doe Movie Review
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John Doe Movie Review

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 True Grit 2010

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PostSubject: True Grit 2010   Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:58 pm

True Grit 2010
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The film is narrated by the adult Mattie Ross, who explains that her father was murdered by one of his hired hands, Tom Chaney, when she was 14. Chaney made off with her father's horse and his two California gold pieces.
After being told that Chaney has fled into the Indian territory and that the sheriff has no authority to track a fugitive there, she inquires about hiring a Deputy U.S. Marshal. Mattie chooses to hire Rooster Cogburn to apprehend Chaney, as he is described as having "true grit." The gruff, one-eyed Cogburn
takes on the job after receiving the $50 payment from Mattie Ross.
I want to first start off by addressing the viewers that complained about it falling short of the original John Wayne version. It's just your opinion on what you enjoy when you're watching a movie. You may prefer the original version of the movie. You should rejoice of the fact that the original was done in a standard that someone wanted to redo it years later. If that doesn't satisfy your quarrel than I don't know what will. I will say John Wayne did an outstanding job on the original movie. There's no taking his accomplishments away from him. If go into this movie trying to compare the movie to the original than you aren't going to enjoy this movie completely than. You aren't going to notice what Jeff Bridges is trying to give you on the silver screen. He did an outstanding job portraying his character of an older scruffy gritty drunk. I think he is the perfect person to take on the role that John Wayne played.
I think I am done praising the movie from Bridges role in the movie. One of the things I noticed right away about this movie is it felt like a genuine western movie. The selection of the country side made you felt like you were actually in the country side instead of a Hollywood produced scene prop. That isn't to say there isn't any scene props in the movie. I noticed a few of them while watching the movie. But they were subtle when you seen them in the movie.
Another thing I liked was the fact they cast the movie with people that looked like they belonged in the movie. Nothing irks me worst than watching a time period movie and it has people that doesn't look like they are from that time period. Or they don't have the correct accent and speech pattern you should have from that time period. i see no reason why anyone would want to cast people that don't fit this general rule. I have always said that if you're going to take all that time and energy to create a movie from start to finish. Then why not take that extra inch and make it as authentic as possible. It makes the movie a lot more enjoyable for those of us that enjoy genuine western movies or any other time periods that actually existed. The only person that seemed out of place in the movie was Matt Damon. I had a hard time accepting him in a western rolled character. I think most of that is due to seeing him typecast in roles that come no where similar to this role. After thinking about it a bit I realized why he was perfect for this role. I consider him the balancing half of Bridges role. The movie would have been off if they didn't cast the movie like they did. So I'm glad they did the casting the way they did.
I will say that the biggest complaint I have is that the movie is so short. Who ever decided to cut this movie as short as it is should get slapped. I think they could have easily slid in thirty more minutes to build up to the climax of the movie. Instead it made me feel like they rushed the story line a little to much. If you don't believe me look at how quickly they get Chaney, or how they fly by the reason he killed her father. You can also look at the amounts of gun fights that were in the movie. Or how they do the time progression at the end of the movie. Throughout the movie the way the movie is narrated you know the movie is being portrayed as if the narrator is reminiscing about days that's gone by. Because of this you know they are going to start with the past and somewhere in the movie they will make something that causes the movie to progress to the present time. I will not say how they chose to do this in the movie. I feel like it would ruin the end of the movie for those of you have yet to watch the movie. Although it wasn't a surprise how the end of the movie ended up being shot. I wasn't to disappointed by it though.
Although there were a lot of things I did not like about the movie from start to finish. I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants to watch a movie that will entices as the movie plays along in front of you. If you haven't seen it I strongly suggest you give it a watch. If you watch it and still don't like it then reply below and tell me why.
John Doe
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True Grit 2010
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