John Doe Movie Review
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John Doe Movie Review

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Just Begining
Just Begining

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PostSubject: Read This first   Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:00 pm

Welcome to this section I have set up for people to request reviews on movies they want to see. Although John Doe staff will be primarily the ones posting the reviews on the site.
We highly encourage anyone else that's a member to post review as they feel the need to.
As we interact on this site please show some respect towards the members and their attempts towards the site. We also ask that you do not post multiple threads for the same movie. If you want to review a movie that already has a thread. Then post it on the thread that already has a review already. This is to save this site from unneeded flooding of multiple threads. If there is no threads created for a movie you want to review. Go ahead and create it and then that will be the official thread for that movie.
As reviews are going to conflict with a persons opinion on a subject. People are going to argue a bit because of this. We do not have to fight with each other to voice our disagreements with each other. Debating between people is fine however and forms of fighting regardless if it's hate speech, name calling,hate speech OF ANY KIND will not be tolerated.
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Read This first
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